Welcome To Buddha's Zenverse
The social experiment of human interactons in the cyberworld

About Us

It would be too long to name all of the people that participate in this wonderful project. It has been started by a group of researchers and friends who wanted to know what happens when you start giving every made NFT for free. Our curiosity drives us to see will our beloved Buddha Zenverse NFT be the motor of positive change and meaningful social interaction between cyber community. The more a community grows, the more value starts to take shape. Our goal is that future Zenverse community prospers. It follows the concept of planting a seed and if the conditions are good enough, it will become a huge tree and by chance carrying also fruits. The fruits would be in this case monetary value. It is up to you what you want to achieve and where this community will be in the future.
We want you to be incorporated into our Zenverse family and with time to start making plans together.