Welcome To Buddha's Zenverse
The social experiment of human interactons in the cyberworld

Buddha's Mission

People often complain that the creation of the internet lead to the death of social human interaction. In light of the fast-growing cyber world and newly emerging crypto community and metaverse, mankind is once again in the middle of a lifestyle evolution. We are silently moving from real life interactions to digital avatars and friendships forged in the web world.

This project aims to reveal the potential of networking in the metaverse and in the world of crypto. Every day new communities and friendships are made without people even seeing eachother. We ask ourselves — how did this happen?

We want to understand the significance of one single human interaction that results to forming a large, peaceful community. Our mission doesn't emphasize the idea of getting rich, without forming real neo cyber human bonds. The main goal is to understand how a network of humans can organically grow by sending NFTs for free to people as a seed. We believe that our ever-loving Buddha NFT can become a cohesive unit to establish a healthy cyber community which will be forming friends in a sustainable way. One which is not driven by profit and greed.

Not minting the entire collection at once makes it hard for people to steal our designs and ideas, which would potentially forge valuable data for our project. Also, every seeded Buddha will have its birthdate (transaction hash) listed on our homepage, as a proof of transaction.

An ever-growing collection of uniquely drawn Buddhas. Every single one is thought out and created with passion and is by no means randomly generated. There will only ever be 3333 Buddhas in total.

Every week, up to 5 Buddhas will be seeded and will be donated to people who we believe can help contribute to our big and prospering community.

We would like to introduce a raffle or weekly giveaways once we see significant growth in our community (to keep a level playing field – we don’t want one person to win all of the Buddhas)!

Our contract Adress: 0x6d6239cc7aa2e1ce81c850030849d93c876d0bb0



Phase 1:

On the journey to the Zenverse, Buddha made their first stop in the OpenSea to reflect on future prospects.
In order to gain recognition, they created social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram.
Buddha realized that the best way to reach the Zenverse was step by step; by planting seeds that would begin to bloom and flourish before eventually growing into a beautiful community tree.
The first 20 seeds were gifted to the community.


Phase 2:

Buddha had an epiphany during their daily meditation sessions. To share their love with all who embrace it, Buddha decided to create their very own website which would allow them to connect with the community.
They decided to organize giveaways and raffles for the community members to help with the growth of Buddha's community tree

Phase 3:

Buddha will analyze how the community has been taking care of and cherishing their seeds that were given to them. Buddha will find out how and if a healthy ecosystem has been established by the community's good intention and good deeds. Hopefully all of the seeds can grow and flourish into a beautiful oasis filled with tall trees, that people can look up to.
The ecosystem should act as a staple and a reminder that as a whole, we can achieve more if our intentions come from peace and serenity, whether than greed and selfishness